New Ledgers, New Business Models And New Opportunities In Micropayments

Written by Bella Clemente

April 30, 2022

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Dropp was highlighted in Forbes on why micropayments are what’s next for content platforms, and how Dropp can elevate those platforms for both companies and consumers.

“A good example of the consumer model is Dropp, a micropayment platform built to offer pay-per-use or usage based pricing to the digital market…[SubscribeStar, Inara.World and Chillfiltr] are interesting examples of different types of content and I’m curious to see how the experiment evolves because as Sushil Prabhu (the Dropp CEO and Founder told me, these kinds of merchants ‘deserve a simple, straightforward way to make money in the constantly changing digital world’ and he is surely right.” David Birch, Forbes.

Read the full article here:

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