A payment service for small value transactions.

Limitless possibilities to attract new customers.

Enable the “Pay-Per-Use” model

What if, instead of just monthly subscriptions and free trials, you could:

  • Offer your product in bite sizes to engage more customers
  • Have a direct reach to your customers
  • Enable built-in viral incentives to your customers

Made cost-effective for all merchants.

Register with Dropp to offer customers $5 free credit when they pay using Dropp!

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Dropp is the cheapest platform in the market for processing transactions under $10.

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Merchant Highlights

Dropp offers merchants a cost-effective platform to offer a ‘Pay per use” option to their customers.  Dropp has been designed to open up a new paying customer base and add immediate revenue.

Dropp Features Include:

  • Low transaction fees
  • Ability to grow virally
  • Targeted offers
  • Recurring payments

Merchants now have limitless possibilities to attract new customers. Enable Dropp to get new customers or offer as an alternative to a free trial.

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