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Accept payments in $USD and digital currencies.

Who Is Dropp For

Who is Dropp For - Digital Creators
Who is Dropp For - Digital Cash

Pricing: Dropp is the cheapest platform in the market for processing transactions under $10

5 cents on each dollar up to $5

5 cents on each dollar up to $5, then 1% for each dollar above $5.

Dropp doesn’t replace your existing credit card payment options. Dropp adds a low-cost alternative for consumers who want the convenience of micro-transactions.

How We Compare

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Merchant Benefits

Lowest transactions fees

Free signup, no fixed costs

Accept payments in USD, AED, USDC & HBAR

Recurring payments to support micro-subscriptions

Offer referral incentives for viral growth

Make targeted offers to your customers

Coming soon: custom loyalty points

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Shopify merchants

Dropp offers cost-effective payment option for Shopify merchants.

Click the link below to learn more and see how to enable Dropp for your Shopify store.

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What are the fees for small-value transactions?
Answer to this question gets right to the heart of what we are revolutionizing: the reliance on high-fee credit cards as the back-end for online payments. Our new technology bypasses this constraint to offer significantly lower fees: 5 cents on each dollar up to $5, then 1% for each dollar above $5. That means you can offer items for as low as 10 cents on your site and still remain profitable.
When will I receive customer payments?

Dropp transfers payments to merchants at the end of every day through ACH. You can monitor the status of transactions in real-time, in the merchant portal, and your daily balance is always up to date.

How does Dropp define small-value transactions?

We define small-value transactions as purchases under $20, with purchases under $5 being the sweet spot. Each payment transaction can be as low as a cent and as high as $2,000. Merchants save on fees with Dropp compared to credit cards, regardless of the amount in this range.

Does Dropp work for subscription payments?

Absolutely. Dropp supports all of the following payment types:

  • One-time, pay-as-you-go
  • One-time, subscription
  • Recurring subscription

This gives you the flexibility to satisfy growing customer preferences for payment choices. However, it is important to keep in mind that Dropp delivers the greatest fee savings when transaction values are small.

If you have more questions, contact us or feel free to put time on our calendar.

Does Dropp share customer data with merchants?

We don’t share customer data for one extremely good reason: customers are increasingly insisting on maintaining control of their financial information, and they’re turning to private payment options in droves. Dropp gets you into that market.

As a merchant, you will still receive plenty of insights from us to optimize sales, but they’ll be associated with anonymous customer IDs. You will also be able to serve up highly targeted promotions, cross-sells, and upsells to customers within the Dropp wallet.

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