Cost-Effective Payment
for shopify merchants

Get all of Dropp’s merchant benefits  on shopify

Free to install

Low transaction fees

Instant transfers

Daily payouts

A cost-effective alternative to credit card payments.

Earn More. Keep More.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Credit Card & Dropp Fee Comparison

Dropp fees are order of magnitude cheaper in Shopify

Enable built-in Viral Growth Incentives

Offer discounts & rewards

Attract & reach more customers

Easy Install & Setup

1Sign up as Dropp merchant

2Add Dropp as a payment method to your Shopify store

3Benefit from Dropp’s low fees



If you don’t have a Dropp account, click here to sign up as a Dropp merchant.



If you don’t have a Shopify store, click here to create a store.



You as a merchant
and your customers
benefit from using Dropp.

Free $5 Credit



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