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Global Fintech Series Interview with Sushil Prabhu, CEO and Chairman at Dropp

Originally published by GlobalFintechSeries.  View the full interview herePlease tell us about your journey into the micropayment technology industry? In early 2000, I architected and launched a Peer-to-Peer payment platform for one of the top retail banks at the...

Micropayment platform Dropp debuts, putting pay-as-you-go option in reach of both merchants and consumers

At Dropp, we’re huge fans of what other innovative payment companies have achieved in the market. Major companies have all played essential roles in making online payments possible, changing everything for both merchants and customers.

Advancing auto tech can grow service providers’ revenue

Whether consumers need to pay for parking spots, charging stations, premium content within the car or groceries, updated tech in smart cars will make it possible to handle financial transactions from behind the wheel.

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