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General Dropp Questions

What is a micropayment?
We define micropayments as an alternative payment system where a tiny monetary value is exchanged for fractional goods at an ultra-low transaction fee, making micro-purchases economically lucrative. 

What is Dropp?
Dropp is a virtual, closed-loop, prepaid access service.   Dropp users fund their account and then can make payments to Merchants who are enrolled to accept payments via Dropp.

What is special about Dropp?
Dropp is specifically designed for micropayments valued $20 and under.  You can make payments for $0.05, $0.50 or $5.00 to merchants. With Dropp, you can purchase 30 minutes of Wi-Fi access, rent a scooter for 10 mins, buy a cup of coffee, pay for weather data in an application, as well as many other items and services.

When will Dropp be released?
Dropp launched its beta release in April 2021.

What platforms does Dropp support?
You can find Dropp on Google Play and the App Store, as well as in the Google Chrome Web Store, the Firefox Browser Add-on Store, the Safari Web Store, and the Microsoft Edge Add-on Store. Dropp is also available as a WordPress plug-in for tips and donations, and as a payment alternative in the Shopify App Store.

What can you do in the Dropp app?
Setup and fund your account, view your transaction history, view and collect NFTs, purchase goods and services from registered merchants, and monitor your transactions securely by approving or rejecting your transactions.

How does a merchant work with Dropp?
Merchants can sign up at the Dropp portal.  Merchants need to integrate Dropp into their purchasing experience.   It’s easy to integrate Dropp.  There are several applications that help merchants integrate their invoices/bill with Dropp.

I’m a merchant interested in Dropp.  How do I find out more?
Send an email to, or reach out to us through the chatbot on the Dropp homepage.

Do I have to be a US-based merchant to sign up to Dropp?
Yes.  Only US-based merchants can enroll to Dropp at this time.  Customers abroad can make purchases through US-backed merchants on Dropp.

As a merchant do I have to wait until the end of the month to get paid?
When a customer makes a payment you get paid.  We do not believe merchants should be waiting for their funds.

Does Dropp provide products and services such as video streaming, articles, music streaming, etc.?
No. Dropp is a payment service provided to merchants to enable their customers to purchase. We do not host or offer any products or services for purchase.

What does the Account Expiry field refer to in an Account Summary?
The expiry date is set by Hedera when a Hedera account is created. Users pay a fee of HBAR to open and run the account for a specified time. At this time, Hedera is not expiring accounts, but this is based on our current understanding of the platform.  It is important to note that your actual funds do not expire.

Setting Up the Dropp Wallet & Wallet Security

What do I need to get started with Dropp?
You will need both a valid email and phone number to get started with Dropp, as well as a valid payment method.

Does Dropp save my recovery passphrase, QR code, or PIN code?
No, Dropp does not store any of our users’ sensitive information internally; you are in complete control of your wallet, and as such we strongly recommend storing this recovery information in a safe and secure location.

I lost my backup QR code and am unable to log into my Dropp wallet.  What can I do?
We cannot stress enough the importance of saving your login and recovery information in a safe and secure place.  Dropp places you in full control of your account and does not store your sensitive information internally; it is your personal responsibility to save your information.

I tried setting up the Dropp Google Chrome Extension and was unable to create a wallet.  What should I do?
The Dropp Chrome Extension can only associate with an existing Dropp account previously created on a phone.  Dropp users will need to have a preexisitng wallet in order to connect it to the extension.

What is the purpose of the 4-digit PIN code Dropp offers?
We implemented the 4-digit PIN code as an optional additional security layer for mobile and as a fixed security layer for the Chrome extension.  Dropp does not internally store this code or any other recovery information; it is your responsibility to safely store this information.

Dropp Payments & Funding

How do I fund my Dropp account?
Funding your account can be done with a credit card or ACH. More funding options will be available in the near future.

Can I fund a Dropp wallet with USD, USDC, and HBAR?
Yes, a Dropp wallet can be funded with USD, USDC, and HBAR.

Do my Dropp funds expire?
No, there is no expiration for your funds. They are yours forever.

Are there limits to using Dropp for payments?
You can only use Dropp at enrolled US-based Merchants. You are limited to making $100 worth of payments in a day. You can not fund your wallet with more than $100.

Does Dropp allow payments to individuals?
No. You can not use Dropp to make payments to individuals.

When I fund my account, where is my money saved?
Your funds are securely managed and maintained with our bank partner.

Are fees charged when making a payment?
Dropp users do not pay any fees for making a payment to a Merchant.

Does Dropp share my purchasing data with any 3rd parties?
No.  Dropp does not share any of your purchasing data or personal information with 3rd party marketers or advertisers.

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