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You are in full control of your payments.

Dropp is designed specifically for consumers to purchase small-value goods and services instantly without sharing personal details.

Dropp is convenient, secure, and allows the consumer to make frequent purchases of small value items where the consumer authorizes every transaction.

Pay Per Use

Subscriptions are so Y2K.

Demand pay-per-use from your merchants.

Pay per page or chapter instead of paying for the book upfront.

Pay only for the few minutes of the video or movie you watched.

Crypto Payments

Coffee with Crypto?

Yes, you can pay for a coffee or a sandwich using crypto with Dropp.

Coffee shops can still price their products in $, but you can pay with crypto seamlessly with your Dropp wallet.

In addition to fiat (USD), HBAR and USDC are supported now.

A Wallet that helps you earn.

Put some money back in your wallet.

We all love sharing content with friends and family. Now you can get paid for it. The more you share, the more you earn – no limit.

No haggling. No calling anyone. No more endless waiting on the phone.

Cancel subscriptions directly in your Dropp wallet and you’re done.

Who has money to waste on subscriptions we don’t need?

Cancel Subscriptions
in a single click.

Free $5 Credit. Limited Time Offer.

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