Use Case Example: Publishing

Dropp’s platform supports publishers, enabling pay-per-use article access and donations as low as $0.01.

Click to explore how micropayments supports publishing and digital content. Accept micro-donations as low as $0.01, and expand consumer access to content with pay-per-use article support with Dropp.

Dropp x Publishing Slide Deck

Read how Dropp enhances current publisher and news content with pay-per-use and micro-donations. integrates with current banking infrastructure to as a new payment platform.

Download Dropp's 2-Pager for Publishers

Download our two-pager to see how Dropp boosts revenue for news and publishing.

The Case for Micropayments in Solving Revenue Deficit for Publishing

Read OpenCrowd’s report outlining the state of news and publishing in the age of digital technology and how micropayments provide a new path for revenue generation.

View our other use case documentation:

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