Listen to Dropp’s Founders Discuss “Pay-as-You-Go” with @HelloFutureBuzz

Written by Editorial Team

August 19, 2021

“Dropp founders Sushil Prabhu and Shawn Traynor recently appeared on @HelloFutureBuzz’s weekly Twitter space discussing Dropp, the technology behind micropayments, and the evolving “pay-as-you-go” landscape.  We have included the audio recording below for your consideration.

“It was wonderful to get to speak with the community and hear their thoughts on the Dropp platform – we are glad that everyone is as excited about micropayments as we are.  We hope you enjoy!”
Sushil Prabhu, Dropp CEO

Dropp Founders Sushil Prabhu and Shawn Traynor Discuss "Pay-as-You-Go"

by @HelloFutureBuzz

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