Dropp Presents at Streaming Media East on the Importance of Micropayments

Written by Bella Clemente

May 24, 2023

Dropp attended the Streaming Media East conference May 17-19 in Boston to introduce its innovative payment technology to industry leaders in streaming video services.

During the conference, the Dropp team gave expertise and insights on the impact of small payments for streaming and video services. It was three days packed with presentations, interviews, and conversations with attendees and companies interested in learning about cutting-edge technology in the business. 

On Thursday, May 18, Sushil Prabhu, CEO and co-founder of Dropp presented “Micropayments: Revolutionizing the Streaming Media Revenue Model”. Prabhu demonstrated how micropayments can be a game-changer for streaming media revenue models. Micropayments are small transactions allowing consumers to pay-by-title instead of subscribing to the entire service. Prabhu explored how Dropp’s web3 and banking-based alternative payment model can help streaming services increase revenue, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. Prabhu reviewed for the audience the technological and business considerations involved. Ultra-low transaction fees and frictionless purchasing experiences are critical for adoption of micropayments. The presentation concluded with a discussion of the potential impact of micropayments on the streaming media industry and its future. 

In addition to the Innovation Track presentation, the team showed live demonstrations of Dropp’s mobile and merchant applications, highlighting specific pain points in streaming media and how the Dropp wallet eliminates them by adding an alternative payment option. 

Dropp is the world’s first cost-effective micropayment platform to offer streaming media companies an economical pay-per-use pricing option. It provides a much-needed alternative monetization model to streaming media companies where goods are sold almost exclusively on a flat subscription or free ad-supported method. A wide range of services, like single streaming media and article purchases, digital tipping, and micro-royalties, can be offered using Dropp. Dropp’s patent-pending technology allows streaming media companies to enable their viewers to make money by referring purchased content to family and friends. This function enables the streaming media audience to grow virally, increasing revenue. Dropp also allows streaming media companies to create custom offers for their customers.

If you missed the Dropp team at Streaming Media East and would like to schedule a demo, please email info@dropp.cc.

To view materials from the conference and streaming media as a use case for Dropp, visit our Use Case page for Streaming Media & OTT.

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