Small businesses in today’s age of technology include millions of content creators as creator platforms have taken off, such as TikTok and Patreon. While resources for hosting content have grown exponentially, payment technology has fallen behind. Until now, the creator economy has been unable to tap into the full slate of opportunities for profit – namely, through micropayments under the twenty dollar amount. As the creator economy expands, creators will need new avenues to earn more, and micropayments will become essential. Traditional payment rails have made small value transactions a difficult line of profit for creators to access due to high costs in fees, and that income path is exactly what Dropp was designed to establish. Dropp is leading the pack in bridging the gap between current-day business models and endless, unrealized possibilities in the digital world. Developed by engineers who have a history in the financial industry, Dropp is the first reliable and affordable micropayment platform made for small value transactions. 

Dropp supports small businesses and brings new monetization opportunities for the creator economy. Small payment versatility is already trending in online shopping with technologies like Afterpay. With Dropp, creators can afford to process payments even smaller than what other payment methods already offer – under twenty dollars – with transaction fees seven times lower thanks to being built on the high performance distributed ledger network Hedera Hashgraph. Finally, creators have access to a “one-stop shop” for accepting payment in FIAT or cryptocurrency, engaging with customers through offers, and providing referral incentives to ignite viral growth – everything creators need to maintain their communities, hassle-free. Dropp gives small businesses the head start they need to compete with incumbents and other competing large businesses with the benefit of IT and marketing staff.

Dropp is working to partner with more platforms to provide services to a wider reach of merchants. 2022 is a big year for Dropp – and for creators and businesses looking to add more to their bottom lines. If you’re a small business or a creator economy founder, contact us at or visit to get started.

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