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Former Executive Director; Real Time Payments, JP Morgan Chase
Before joining as a Dropp Advisory Board Member, Rich worked exclusively in the payments space for over 50 years.  Starting while in college, he spent his first 10 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The next 19 years at Bankers Trust Company of New York, and his final 25 at JPMorgan Chase. 

Throughout his career, Rich as focused on creative solutions, leading edge design, simple operational execution, and engineering efficiency. He was directly responsible for, or was a primary contributor to, many successful JPMorgan Chase’s web and mobile payment products including:

  • The award winning JPMorgan ACCESS Global Treasury Services Mobile App
  • The initial design and deployment Chase QuickDeposit
  • The bank’s fist P2P offering, Chase QuickPay
  • Delivered an industry first voice biometric mobile App authentication / registration capability

Rich has also contributed his expertise to the largest U.S. payments industry by working on the establishment of The Clearing House Small Value Payments Company (SVPCO): bank implementation of the Federal Reserve’s US Check 21 Legislation and has worked on US Faster Payments Council. 

Along the way, Rich was awarded 28 separate US Patents on internet electronic payments processing  and security.

Finally, Rich lead the design and development of an early internet start-up project, Lab Morgan’s redEcash, which was the forerunner to Chase QuickPay with Zelle, and the Clearing House’s new Real Time Payments Network.  He is always willing to talk payments, especially about Dropp Micropayments and the future of Real Time Payment offerings.


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