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10X cheaper than credit card

Traditional credit card transaction fees range from 40 to 50 cents on a $1 transaction. With Dropp, you will incur only 5 cents in Dropp fees.

Visit our Merchants page for full details on our fee structure.

STRETCH YOUR Earnings More

Free to install

No monthly fees

No subscription fees

No hidden fees

Only low transaction fee

No code set up

No code, no user roles or group setup required.

No pro account to upgrade to.

No external dependencies

No dependencies on any third-party services.

No payment gateway integration required.

Monetize in minutes

Monetize in minutes with just a few clicks.

In three quick steps, you will be ready to accept payments.

Plugin comes with quick start options and defaults for many settings and is ready to use out-of-the-box with a few inputs from you.

Subscribers in seconds

No signups, no passwords required.

Gain readership in seconds with Dropp’s single click payment solution.

Click → Pay → Read. Repeat.

Readers purchase from the post listing page or from the post or page itself.

Restrict access to purchased content

Our digital wallet ensures the paid content is restricted to only the reader or viewer who paid for the content.

Reach much wider audience with Pay Per Use

Registering and signing up for content constitute a significant friction area and the primary reason for shopping cart abandonment.

Dropp eliminates registration. Consumers can make single-click purchases without the need to sign up.

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