Nilesh Nanavati



Nilesh Nanavati brings 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, operating executive and amanagement consultant in the financial services and technology sectors. Currently, as theManaging Partner of Financial Technology Solutions (“FTS”), Nilesh has helped a number ofentrepreneurs and venture portfolio companies with their business development,product/technology commercialization and digital transformation strategies to achieve growth orreinvent their business models. In addition, Nilesh has also assisted private investors withmanagement buy-out teams evaluate investment transactions across a number of areas, includingwealth management, capital markets, payments, accounting/tax, digital asset technologies andsoftware-enabled professional services). He has also advised enterprises on their digitaltransformation strategies to drive operational efficiencies or launch new business models.

Prior to FTS, Nilesh was the President and COO of Advanced Financial Applications Inc.(AFA), a fintech software firm servicing investment managers, hedge funds and institutionalinvestors.   As COO, Nilesh worked with the lead shareholder to help reposition the company’sproduct strategy, develop and execute a direct sales/channel partnership plan, build amanagement team and raise capital. His efforts help the business grow from a start-up to agrowth business with 50+ clients and 25 channel partners. Nilesh served as the COO until thesale of AFA.