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Lower Fees
On average, Dropp is over 25 times cheaper than current credit cards for transactions under $1.00

Access to New Customer Segments
Acquire new customers who can’t afford subscriptions

Ability to Grow Virally
Embedded technology that automatically pays referral fees to enable viral growth

New Revenue Models
Offer pay-per-use services for customers as a customer onboarding tool

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“Dropp has immediate and logical applications in the media business.  This will help premium content reach a customer segment that is currently unreachable.  It is great for streamers looking to generate trials from new consumers and as a subscriber acquisition and retention tool.”

Gregg Fienberg, Executive Producer at HBO

“The possibilities for Dropp are game-changing. New types of business models are now possible including the extension of markets by facilitating micro-royalties and micro-donations and the ability for a cloud-based content/data company to offer a competitive usage-based model to small businesses.”

Chris Formant, Former EVP at MBNA

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