Attract New Viewers and Sell More Content

Dropp is a micropayments platform that enables you to attract new customers to your app while offering your content on a “pay per use” basis.

Our unique payment processing makes it feasible to offer videos and services for as low as a few cents in addition to your existing payment packages.

Two phones displaying the Dropp Wallet and a sample news site

Acquire new users who only want to pay for what they use.

Embedded technology that automatically pays referral fees enable your users to virally spread your platform

Dropp makes it possible to accept any payment without losing a large amount to modern processing fees.

“Dropp has immediate and logical applications in the media business.  This will help premium content reach a customer segment that is currently unreachable.  It is great for streamers looking to generate trials from new consumers and as a subscriber acquisition and retention tool.”

Gregg Fienberg

Executive Producer, HBO