Turn Your Players into Payers

Dropp is a micropayments platform that sits in your existing payment structure as a more efficient way to process small-value payments and provides a frictionless way for players to start small and increase their buying behavior

Our unique payment processing makes it feasible to offer products for as low as a few cents in addition to your existing payment packages.

Two phones displaying the Dropp Wallet and a sample news site

On average, Dropp is over 25 times cheaper than current credit cards for transactions under $1

Promote special offers and announcements directly to your users from the Dropp app; you can even set up a referral incentive program to organically promote your platform

Access a variety of new customer segments across all levels of purchasing power

“The possibilities for Dropp are game-changing. New types of business models are now possible including the extension of markets by facilitating micro-royalties and micro-donations and the ability for a cloud-based content/data company to offer a competitive usage-based model to small businesses.”

Chris Formant

Former EVP, MBNA