Attract More Donors and Donations

Dropp is a microdonations processor that sits in your existing donor box as a way for donors to make small-value donations compared to standard payment methods

Our unique payment processing makes it feasible to profitably process donations as low as for as low as $1 in addition to your existing payment packages.

Two phones displaying the Dropp Wallet and a sample news site

Dropp makes it possible to cost-effectively accept donations as low as $1

Automatically pay referral fees which enables your users to virally spread donations

Acquire new donors across all levels of potential contribution without excluding small-value donors


“The possibilities for Dropp are game-changing. New types of business models are now possible including the extension of markets by facilitating micro-royalties and micro-donations and the ability for a cloud-based content/data company to offer a competitive usage-based model to small businesses.”

Chris Formant

Former EVP, MBNA