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“A good example of the consumer model is Dropp”

“A good example of the consumer model is Dropp, a micropayment platform built to offer pay-per-use or usage based pricing to the digital market.” – David Birch

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Fintech Futures Banking Tech Awards Finalist & Highly Commended

Dropp was highly commended at the 2022 Banking Tech Awards USA for Start-ups in the Best Payments Solution Provider category. Winning a Banking Tech acknowledgment showcases Dropp’s value, creativity, and excellence in innovation in financial services worldwide.
Dropp was highly commended at the 2022 Banking Tech Awards USA

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Make purchases from Dropp-enabled Shopify stores like Soft Cotton Masks on Shopify.

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Log in to SubscribeStar and pay musicians, artists, educators, and bloggers like Green_Thumb using Dropp at SubscribeStar.

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Support music content using Dropp on Chillfiltr.

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Purchase distributed ledger data at DragonGlass.

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Register with GetSeen to submit creative work using Dropp at GetSeen.

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Register and pay per page for e-books with Dropp at Inara.

Meet the Dropp micropayment solution

Do you run a news website or make many micropayments on a daily basis? Our pay-per-use solution might be the very thing to slash fees and streamline your experience. Dropp is leading the micropayment services industry with innovation as a secure, lightning-fast, and flexible platform for making and receiving payments. The best part is that there are no credit card-like fees for using our platform for all user categories!

Carry your Dropp wallet wherever you go with dedicated Android and iOS apps or browser add-ons. Whether you’re paying for something online or checking up on your Dropp revenue, you decide how to do it.

We’ve spent years perfecting a system that allows secure, quick transactions for pay-per-use products. As a result, Dropp brings together the best banking practices and the latest crypto-level security trends to act as a solution that improves the lives of consumers and merchants alike.

The all-around micropayment solution for consumers

Let’s face it: you don’t always have small-value cash or credit card balance to grab what you’re up to. The Dropp micropayment platform lets you grasp things when you need them the most. With our app, you can spend up to $100 every day on things like:

  • Renting a bike
  • Buying snacks or coffee
  • Purchasing a weekly micro-subscription
  • Getting access to paywalled articles
  • Renting a movie or other video content
  • Paying for parking your Volvo

All you need is enough funds – crypto or fiat – in your Dropp account and a vendor that supports our payment platform. Simple as that.

We put privacy above all else and never store the sensitive account information of our users. Safe as that.

Increase your revenue with our payment platform for small businesses

Small business owners can now get all the benefits video game developers have been enjoying for years. The video game industry is a shining example of how revenue from microtransactions can amount to billions of dollars.

Dropp’s mission is to have as many businesses leveraging the pay-per-use channel as possible. For starters, you can plunge into Dropp for:

  • Price flexibility. Enable one-cent transactions or set your prices as high as $20 per transaction.
  • Seamless Shopify integration. Our solution can be easily added to your Shopify store. The plugin is free to install and offers significantly lower transaction fees than regular payment systems.
  • Other ways of business growth. Using the Dropp payment platform for your small business gives you access to a wider audience. Make your existing product or service more enticing for people by enabling micropayments. For example, instead of only selling your scooters, you can rent them out for a small amount of time.
  • Payments in various currencies. Our solution supports transactions in AED, HBAR, USD, and USDC. This helps further diversify your income sources.
  • Daily payouts. Unlike other platforms, we don’t tell you when you can get your hard-earned money. You can withdraw revenue at your convenience.

Download our app today and let our payment gateway service elevate your pay-per-use experience!

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