Dropp Presenting at Real-Time Payments & Fraud Management Summit 2022

Written by Bella Clemente

November 7, 2022

Dropp will be attending Kinfo’s Real-Time Payments & Fraud Management Summit 2022! We’re looking forward to showing how Dropp is at the forefront of reducing fraud and moving the needle on real-time payments in the payment industry.

Dropp co-founder & CEO Sushil Prabhu will be speaking at the summit on the future of micropayments and what real-time payments mean for the digital world.

 What are real-time payments? They’re instant payments sent digitally – three times faster than the systems we currently use in banking and finance. RTP is a feature that Dropp, the world’s first cost-effective micropayment platform, is working on releasing as a part of their roadmap. Like Dropp, RTP will drive a massive transformation in global payments for consumers and merchants alike.

 Banks are currently working on RTP to stay competitive, expedite transactions, reduce fraud, and boost business growth by providing merchant solutions in today’s fast-paced environment. In order to succeed, platforms like Dropp will help the banking industry succeed.

 Visit our booth on November 18 in NYC! 

Learn more about this year’s summit: www.kinfos.events/rtp/

View the full agenda: www.kinfos.events/rtp/brief-agenda/

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