Attract New Users and Make More Sales

Dropp is a micropayments platform that enables you to attract new customers to your app while offering your goods and services on a “pay per use” basis.

Our unique payment processing makes it feasible to offer products for as low as a few cents in addition to your existing payment packages.

Two phones displaying the Dropp Wallet and a sample news site

Acquire new users who only want to pay for what they use.

Embedded technology that automatically pays referral fees enable your users to virally spread your app

Dropp makes it possible to accept any payment without losing a large amount to modern processing fees.

“The possibilities for Dropp are game-changing. New types of business models are now possible including the extension of markets by facilitating micro-royalties and micro-donations and the ability for a cloud-based content/data company to offer a competitive usage-based model to small businesses.”

Chris Formant

Former EVP, MBNA